Global Creations is a company that brings your 360 picture out of the virtual world by printing it on a physical sphere.  The sphere is assembled from 32 pieces held in place by magnets.  It makes for a great display and a fun puzzle!  

Our products come in 2 categories, photo globes and planetary globes.


Planetary Globes

Order a globe of your favorite planet or moon!  The globes are textured so you can actually FEEL the craters and mountains that adds another engaging dimension to the experience.

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ABOUt the globes

Each globe is made from 32 magnetic pieces that attach together similar to a soccer ball.  This modularity has several advantages:

  1. As a puzzle, it's super fun and educational to put together.  
  2. Globes can be easily disassembled for easy storage.  
  3. Printing on small pieces allows for more detail and finer textures.  
  4. Outdated or damaged pieces can be easily updated or replaced. 
  5. Custom pieces like stands, lights, or anything else that you can think of can be added for a unique experience.  DIY people could print out their own unique creations!

The finished globe is robust enough to be tossed (a bit like an egg toss).  It's also durable enough to not be damaged when dropped and 'shattered'.  



At Global Creations, we want to create a better world!